A man that stands for nothing, actually becomes nothing by his inaction, in times of chaos and anarchy...   KPM

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We Support Those Who Pledge To Protect and Serve

To Paraphrase the Immortal Words of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Will Be Remembered Through Our Times of Struggle Is the Silence of Our Friends
There is a "Fierce Urgency of


Ask Yourself These Questions


1. What have we become if we hide in the shadows while those who have pledged to serve and protect us suffer the tyranny of the Mob?


2. Since when did we allow the extreme minority to silence the greater majority for fear of retaliation?


3. Who decides regardless of your acceptance of all races, religions, acquaintances and friendships, that to simply have a different opinion deems you a racist to be ostracized at the whim of the crowd?


4. How will you explain to your children that you stood by and did and said nothing when faced with such great injustice?


5. And last, but not least, the most important question of all… What will you do when you make a mistake and use the wrong words and they come for you?


The Only Thing Necessary for The Triumph of Evil Is for Good Men to
Do Nothing…Edmund Burke


Please share with us your personal stories of encouragement involving your local law enforcement officers.

Do This Today… and Please Share This Site … We Need You …They Need You…Your Country Needs You….

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What our clients say

I proudly support our law enforcement. Police officers, correctional officers, and all of the great men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting the lives of others. We need our police and I s... Read More.

Alisha Q
Andover, MA

I support and am very grateful to the PD in the city of Beverly. My son is a patrolman in Boston, he is a kind, intelligent , thoughtful man and a superb officer.
Thank you to every officer eve... Read More.

Suzanne M
Beverly, MA


Eleanor P
Tucumcari, NEW MEXICO

Back the blue... best cops in this town love to see them supporting the trump supporters in the center of town!

Glenda S
Chelmsford, MA

My son got stuck inside the car, we called our police and we were promptly taken care of, thanks Leominster officers, I am very grateful.

Jose A
Leominster, MA

I'm very well known in my small hometown as a friend of the police. They usually leave me alone! I only call them for serious stuff! They haven't arrested me for years & years now! Humor helps....

Bill H.
Keene, NH

Thank you to the great Clinton MA police department - you guys are incredible!

Harold V
Clinton, MA

I am so proud of our Lancaster Police Department. They are always dependable and fair and willing to help out in our community. We also have neighbors who are local and state police. These men and ... Read More.

Rachel V

Our neighborhood recently had several cars broken into. One morning several Concord Police Officers came to the street and went house to house warning the residents. I feel safe having law enforcement... Read More.

Laura Fadden
Concord, MA

I dont care what people in other cities and states want to do, but in Boston, our police are the definition of public servants. They help more than hinder. They are looking to keep people safe, not ma... Read More.

Leo W
Boston, MA

To Paraphrase the Immortal Words of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"...Our Lives Begin to End the Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter..."