A man that stands for nothing, actually becomes nothing by his inaction, in times of chaos and anarchy...   KPM

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We Support Those Who Pledge To Protect and Serve

To Paraphrase the Immortal Words of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Will Be Remembered Through Our Times of Struggle Is the Silence of Our Friends
There is a "Fierce Urgency of

Join us for New England’s LARGEST Defend Your Police rally/protest! It will take place on Saturday, September 26th in Wrentham, MA off of Route 495.

When:  Saturday, September 26th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where:  1007 South Street, Wrentham, MA  02056. Directly across from the Wrentham Outlet Mall behind the Mobil gas station.

Parking:  There is parking available for the first 500 to 600 vehicles, so get there early!



  • There is only one way in and one way out
  • No bags, pocketbooks, backpacks, or hoodies allowed.
  • There will be restrooms and sanitation stations on site.
  • This event is invitation only.  Those who we have corresponded with via email, our website and Facebook are considered invited guests.  All others will be invited on the spot completely at our discretion.
  • Gate keepers will be at the entrance to invite or uninvite all attendees.  This again will be completely at our discretion.
  • Counter Protesters ARE NOT WELCOME!
  • The event is held on private property.  It is a true Feel Good, Patriotic “We Love Our Country Event”.  Those of a different mind-set are not welcome and will be considered trespassers are subject to arrest under the full extent of the law.

Please come and show your support for those who serve and protect us on a daily basis.

All updated details will be posted on our Facebook event page, and our website.

Contact us

If you continue to be interested in supporting us! Let us know at:  https://defendyourpolice.com/contact-us



Ask Yourself These Questions


1. What have we become if we hide in the shadows while those who have pledged to serve and protect us suffer the tyranny of the Mob?


2. Since when did we allow the extreme minority to silence the greater majority for fear of retaliation?


3. Who decides regardless of your acceptance of all races, religions, acquaintances and friendships, that to simply have a different opinion deems you a racist to be ostracized at the whim of the crowd?


4. How will you explain to your children that you stood by and did and said nothing when faced with such great injustice?


5. And last, but not least, the most important question of all… What will you do when you make a mistake and use the wrong words and they come for you?


The Only Thing Necessary for The Triumph of Evil Is for Good Men to
Do Nothing…Edmund Burke


Please share with us your personal stories of encouragement involving your local law enforcement officers.

Do This Today… and Please Share This Site … We Need You …They Need You…Your Country Needs You….

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What our clients say

I don't think many people understand how quickly a police officer can be killed out seriously injured if a suspect has or is reaching for a weapon. Officers must then use lethal force to protect their... Read More.

Allen H
Natick, MA

My car broke down after night school in the cold. Was walking to a phone. A tiny wonan alone at 1 AM. Sheriff stopped, put me in his heated police car and drove me to my friend's to call for help.

Charlotte E
Conroe, TEXAS

When I was a bartender in Brighton, I was held up at gunpoint by a masked man. I couldn't even get off the floor until I physically saw a police car out front. Once all of the defund talk started, I i... Read More.

Hilary K
Cambridge, MA

The police department in Dedham is run very well. The officers that I’ve met are exemplary, and are integral members of our community. The police department here is part of the reason im happy to ... Read More.

Mike L

I will always show support for our brave men and women of law enforcement

Melissa S.
Lynn, MA

We need the police for our safety

Brandon N.
Lowell, MA

I have many friends that are in law enforcement. They put there lives on the line everyday to protect ours so that we may live safely and happily. Every time that I or my family have needed an office... Read More.

Gino Recchia
Hopedale, MA

The police keep my town safe. I cherish their work and their loyalty to my community. The courage that it takes to do this job is immeasurable and we are all better because of them. REMEMBER - Pol... Read More.

Mitchell P

The police in my town are an important part of our community. They take the time to get to know the people in the community and get involved in all the activities in our town. They provide physical a... Read More.

Joanne R.
Hanover, MA

I defEnd the police!! and I support and defend those whom also defend and believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

Amanda T.
Haverhill, MA

To Paraphrase the Immortal Words of the Late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"...Our Lives Begin to End the Day We Become Silent About Things That Matter..."