“Why? Because unlike recent others, he loves his country”

Sep 17, 2020

For the past 47 years, while Biden's opinion has changed depending on the way the wind was blowing, Trump has stayed the course. Look at this video and others like it, some dating back almost 40 years, it shows that President Trump has been ringing the bell for the same cause. In every video of Trump’s over the past 40 years, he says we're getting ripped off and our country is being ruined. He talks about China devaluing money and how others are taking our jobs and how we are letting illegal immigrants in. He said the same thing for 40 years, he’s still saying it, and it's in front of everyone! 


There’s a lot of people who don’t like Trump’s mannerisms, the way he does things, and his cocky attitude. But the bottom line is…he isn't a career politician like everyone else trying to hold onto their office…he does what he says and he says what he’s going to do. He's always been all about our country. Unlike the Obamas who, on the day her husband was inaugurated, Michelle Obama said this was the first day in her life that she’s ever been proud of her country.


In contrast, Trump has always talked about the love of his country – the United States of America. You take the Clinton's, who defined so many of us – including myself – as deplorables. And compare them against Donald Trump who has consistently said in interviews that he has never been comfortable with rich people and was always more comfortable with taxi drivers and doormen because he could always talk with them and they weren’t always looking to get over on him.  


He has always talked about putting America first. Why would someone with all his money go in there and take this position as President of the United States to get banged on and go through such public scrutiny? It’s because he truly loves this county and really believed himself to be a better leader and that he could help make this country great again. He went into office a self-made billionaire, pledged to donate his whole government paycheck to nonprofits whereas the Obamas went to the White House broke and within three years of leaving office have a net worth of over $40,000,000 having just purchased a house on Martha’s Vineyard for $11,000,000. A lot of our problems today is directly attributable to the Obamas and the racial division they caused in our country. 


When then President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize it was as though he walked on water.  The reaction was as if he had accomplished so much when in fact he had accomplished nothing. Now that Trump was nominated for it, that same crowd wants to cancel that same Nobel Peace Prize. As President Trump works to at bringing World Peace through his negotiations with Israel and the UAE, there’s a part of this country that would rather see it burn down or be handed over to Russia, China, or Iran than allow him to remain our President.


Trump wants to help out the small businesses monetarily, but he won’t allow the Democrats to spend more money to bail out Democratic cities who spend their money foolishly thinking that the rest of the country is going to consistently bail them out.


In times past, if you were to fight the whole establishment you would have been considered the greatest warrior or the top gladiator. Instead, the cancel culture defies and insults him and his family. Why would he want this job if not for love of this country? He had to put his lifetime of accomplishments aside to take this job. He thought about it for over 50 years. He looked at everything going on in our country. He talked about things he saw wrong with all who would listen. He went to the top of the building and yelled as loud and as long as he could to get someone to pay attention. For four decades, he suggested some great manager of people go in and take this job. But nobody was ready to give up their comfortable lives. And that’s why we thank the Lord for Donald Trump. I can’t imagine trying to do this job being attacked 24 hours a day from every angle on every side by the DOJ, the FBI, the House, the lying cheating career politicians and the fake media. Yes, let’s not forget the fake news. How could anyone possibly keep their head on straight and focus on the job at hand? They fought him on the wall, they fought him on the peace agreement, they fought him on the embassy. They illegally investigated him. The leader of the FBI lied under oath about him but yet he goes on every day and accomplishes great deeds. He wants to find a way to fix immigrant but stop more illegal immigrants from coming in. He wants out children to know our true history and be taught it properly in school (not the history that the left would like to have rewritten). He believes in saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag but despite all the odds he looks at all sides, he gives a little, and he takes a little more back, and he brings them together. All the while, keeping America first. We hear stories every day of people in this country being fired, laid off, or suspended from their jobs for different opinions they posted online supporting our police or denouncing the lie we’ve come to know as the BLM.


I for one call bullshit and I hope you do too.


Please let me know your thoughts.