Oct 06, 2020

Those who don’t fully understand our tax laws call him a tax evader and say it’s a criminal offense.  We say, if he did something illegal with his taxes, the I.R.S. would have pressed charges, and if it were a jailable offense, he would surely be in jail.  We say, that he followed the law that the career politicians put in place and did the best he could for his companies to pay as little in taxes as legally possible (just like you do).  When is the last time you asked your accountant: Excuse me, Mr. Accountant, is there any way I can pay more in taxes this year?


You say, he filed bankruptcy and a lot of people didn’t get paid and he should be in jail.  We say, the bankruptcy laws of the United State are there for everybody to use if it fits the criteria.  We say, those who have never built anything will never truly understand because they could never get over the initial fear of failure.  Almost all who have gone on to do great things have had some setbacks along the way.  It’s what you learn from your failure that defines what you do with your future.  He went on to make billions of dollars and become The President of the United States. 


You say, he’s a racist and supports white supremacy.  We say, that’s kind of funny because no one ever accused him of being a racist before he ran for the presidency.  As a matter of fact, our one and only black president (and I quote) said: “Every American wants to be Donald Trump”…That was until he threatened their little kingdom.  And white supremacy? He’s on record over and over again denouncing the K.K.K. and white supremacy.  Although Joe Biden recently spoke at a leader of the K.K.K.’s funeral proceedings.


You say, he’s a bully and arrogant and doesn’t listen to the experts.  We say, he says what he means with no filter and no apology.  He’s strong and pushes hard and doesn’t back down and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  And the experts, for every expert that claims something is one way, there’s another who claims it to be another.  It plays out in courtrooms across our country every day.


You say, he’s a “Draft Dodger”.  We say, if he had a medical deferment and it was legal, then he did nothing wrong.  The law is the law. It’s not the law just when it fits your agenda.  By the way, if he’s a Draft Dodger then Joe Biden is the same, because he also had medical deferments. 


You say, he committed adultery.  We say, that’s between him and his God.  Not he and you.  But let’s leave it at this – LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN STEP UP AND BE THE FIRST TO ACCUSE.


You say, he’s a liar. We’ll concede to the fact that when the fake news only gives you the parts of the story that fits their narrative, it would appear that he lies.  But you can’t blame him, because a majority of the media lies to you, and you won’t do the research to get the real facts.  We’re truly sorry that they do this to you, but that doesn’t make him a liar.


You say, he’s an embarrassment to our country and they laugh at him.  We say, it’s us that they’ve been laughing at and the B.S. that we settle for, for news.  If they dare laugh at him, it’s because he believed he could change the system, and to do that, he has to fight the whole establishment, all the while, having his family attacked and falsely accused, and for what? To help a partially ungrateful country retain their constitution, and their freedom, from those who would surely take it away…YES. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP will surely win this next election, because good will always triumph over evil.  He’s been to the gates of hell and back, thanks to our lying, cheating, career politicians.  One can only pray that our most merciful Lord does not see fit to treat his tormentors with the same malice he and his family have been forced to endure.


Thanks for reading.


I am, respectfully yours,


Kevin P.


Gilberto Sardinas
Jun 06, 2023 04:29:47 PM
Dan Greenley
Thank you God for sending Donald J Trump at this critical time to be our president. I shutter to think what could have been. We know this great nation was founded by the principles laid out by God with great men of character leading by example to create this great nation. And we need a great man following that great example of our forefathers now in the embodiment of Donald J Trump leading us now. Thank you God for continuing to watch over and protect us now through you Devine intervention.
Oct 15, 2020 03:33:53 AM
Marilyn Cruz
President Donald Trump has been and will continue to be the best President. We need him more than ever to protect our country.
Oct 13, 2020 06:18:47 PM
Ronnie Humphrey
Bingo. Great job
Oct 13, 2020 03:06:14 PM
Denise Brown
Thank you for saying what needed to be said!
Oct 13, 2020 02:29:13 PM
Hanna Khan
Excellent article.My boyfriend and I support our President and we need you for 4 more years.
Oct 13, 2020 05:42:21 AM
It says it all. The left knows this to be true and can’t find any trash about him so they continually spread fake news. They can’t stand it that’s he’s not a career politician and has done more for this country than any before him. I can’t wait to see what President Trump does in the next 4 years as our leader.
Oct 13, 2020 04:16:32 AM
Mary Olson
Very well said. Very true. I hope many get the opportunity to read this. God bless and protect our President.
Oct 13, 2020 03:50:06 AM
Kayla Pfeffer
Very well said. At last a voice of sanity.
Oct 13, 2020 01:31:38 AM
Laura Daniels
Tricia Foster and all who are likeminded with your comment... ."Sometimes you only hear what you want to ""
Oct 12, 2020 10:04:57 PM
Teresa Shedlock
Well written piece
Oct 12, 2020 09:10:13 PM
Eleanor Faro
I loved your Article.
Oct 12, 2020 07:34:18 PM
Tricia Foster
The article essentially confirms everything that has been known about trump - the slant of the piece suggests that trump’s sleaziness, crassness and corruption is no big deal. Well if these trump supporters excuse a complete lack of principles and morality for an “end goal”, what in the world does that day about the entire lot of them??
Oct 12, 2020 06:40:04 PM
Joan Brooks
Trump is the Only Answer
Oct 12, 2020 04:13:56 PM
Sheila Mae Sibick
Trump has both my husband and my vote. This article is very true and we like what he has done for our Country!
Oct 12, 2020 03:15:13 PM
Very well said. Thank you!
Oct 12, 2020 02:44:54 PM
Patricia Altarac
Great article. Thank you for helping put out the truth.
Oct 12, 2020 01:32:48 PM
Richard Kasper
There is so much truth in this article! Well said!! Thank you for this!
Oct 12, 2020 01:11:10 PM
Dominique Brown
Trump 2020 I wish more people would research and look at facts and just VOTE! The media is setting the narrative/story line and some people are believing it instead of either researching, going to an event or watching it live. Vote this November and continue to be Blessed.
Oct 12, 2020 12:49:32 PM
Jose J. Hernandez
Amen Tump 2020!
Oct 12, 2020 11:45:52 AM
Oct 12, 2020 09:40:42 AM
Darnell Harris
Oct 12, 2020 07:43:33 AM
Angie Cavallaro
What in amazing article thanks for posting.
Oct 12, 2020 07:09:50 AM
This article is amazing, totally agree with what you said,I get so frustrated listen/reading comments Citizens are not listening or seeing whats right in front of them I became an independent voter (was democrat)to vote Trump,if nothing else ,he has opened up the rotten ways that our government has destroyed our America to benefit in riches for themselves The clarity of your article is terrific, thanks I have always , BELIEVED IN BLUE,be safe
Oct 12, 2020 07:02:07 AM
Charles M Bruno
How Did We Ever Come to This. Sad State of the Union Pray for All American Payriots
Oct 12, 2020 03:26:35 AM
Penelope Evensen
Great article. Thanks for posting and sharing. Our great President had no need to step into this position that has given him nothing but grief and incredible hate and lies from the Left despite all he has done for every American despite race, color or creed. I am thankful every day and pray he is reelected.
Oct 12, 2020 01:24:54 AM
Mary Hoar
We will continue onward & have his back. Surely someone who can withstand the forces constantly being hurled at him. That has the strength & continued courage to face the evil that is trying to take our country & constitutional rights from us. God walks with him. And we will win this country by the biggest numbers ever. Continue your prayers. Continue to have faith. Good will overcome.
Oct 12, 2020 12:01:24 AM
Gloria Netzer
Well said . and so true. Trump is such a huge inspiration. I love my president TRUMP!
Oct 11, 2020 11:18:42 PM
Joyce L Evans
Oct 11, 2020 10:16:48 PM
Nancy Clapper
God Bless Donald J Trump / Trump 2020 / “Please” GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN !!!
Oct 11, 2020 09:35:15 PM
Gerald Myers
well said brother Amen and amen.!!!
Oct 11, 2020 09:14:37 PM
Well said!! Thank you for defending Our President justly!! Prayers for God to hear the cries of His people to keep this man in office for such a time as this!!
Oct 11, 2020 08:20:08 PM
Deborah Bardele
Well said!
Oct 11, 2020 07:09:54 PM
Lisa Baltzer
Great article!! Every bit of it true. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your service.
Oct 11, 2020 06:20:24 PM
Giovanni Franceschi
You said it all ! Thank you ! I will share your message
Oct 11, 2020 05:14:04 PM
Robert Johnson
I support police, but their has to be more accountability one way to do this is removal of Qualified Immunity
Oct 11, 2020 04:40:13 PM
Linda Fenwick
Oct 11, 2020 04:32:05 PM
Mary Heery
Thank you for this. Pray.
Oct 11, 2020 03:58:39 PM
Oct 11, 2020 03:33:27 PM
Dawn Anderson
Well spoken! Thank you!
Oct 11, 2020 02:41:52 PM
Bobbie Peters
Respect! Thank you!!
Oct 11, 2020 02:36:24 PM
Eric Alan Rodgers
Absolutely, 100% accurate. Thank for the well thought out article.
Oct 11, 2020 02:33:29 PM
Carol Steeves
I am thankful to President Trump! How many politicians have run because WE needed Them? Most want what they can get because they are in office!
Oct 11, 2020 02:18:52 PM
Darless Nagro
I agree!
Oct 11, 2020 02:02:01 PM
Stacy Thornhill
Well written. God bless you. Trump & Pence 2020
Oct 11, 2020 01:43:11 PM
Christina COIROLO
Very well written! I know there is a God that will make things well in November. We are a nation of good people and HE wi not will not makes us suffer any longer; HIS goodness and mercy will prevail. TRUMP AND PENCE FOR 2020.
Oct 11, 2020 01:33:22 PM
Jon Deaux
MAGA! BLUE Lives Matter! MAGA!
Oct 11, 2020 11:05:22 AM
Gloria williams
Well said! If only this word can get out to all Americans before Election Day!
Oct 11, 2020 11:00:24 AM
Christy Lovelace
Thank you for the information. I believe in President Trump and pray that he will be our President another 4 years... in Jesus name.. amen!
Oct 11, 2020 02:33:49 AM
Melissa VanCleave
Well said. Complete truth! God bless our President and our country. Thank you.
Oct 11, 2020 01:30:52 AM
Hazel Johnson
Thank you Kaven P I’m judo praying for his family Vice President pence and his family that God puts him in office for the next four years and I’m around to watch
Oct 10, 2020 10:17:57 PM
Luis vera
Viva. Señor President Donnal Trump and God bless America
Oct 10, 2020 08:08:19 PM
Debra Lois Schmitt
Well balanced article. I pray for our Presidents healing so he can continue the great work he done for the future of our United States. God bless our President & his family
Oct 10, 2020 04:09:32 PM
Genevieve Stone
I agree with all of your article. I wish that other outlets would let you reply but of course they don’t because they know their ideas would be pulled apart
Oct 10, 2020 02:51:25 PM
Rachel Gonzalez
Well said!
Oct 10, 2020 02:23:15 PM
Betty Sutterfield
I agree. I pray the Lord heals him and makes him stronger than ever
Oct 10, 2020 02:18:49 PM
Misty Batten
Well said! TRUMP 2020
Oct 10, 2020 02:15:24 PM
Nancy Bonnell
Oct 10, 2020 01:56:48 PM
Jane Newbert-Avila
Fabulous - the truth has been told - l am with you and praying for President Trump! May God deliver us from evil!! Thank you for telling it like it is!!! God bless you !
Oct 10, 2020 12:38:20 PM
Wendy Grady
One if the best things I’ve read!
Oct 10, 2020 12:37:02 PM
Love it. So true. They are still lying about both sides having nice people
Oct 10, 2020 11:55:28 AM
Theresa Koger
Great statement, your 100% right. We all need to step up and start standing behind our great president. We need to let everyone know we will defend him and no longer sit silent while democrats bash him. TRUMP 2020.
Oct 10, 2020 11:52:06 AM
karen gonzales
Perfectly said! Love this!
Oct 10, 2020 08:50:29 AM
David kopp
21st century Andrew Jackson...ic you get in their way you will get taken apologies!!!
Oct 10, 2020 03:16:08 AM
Linda Selbst
I think you covered all the issues people bring up, in a very concise and engaging manner. You are an excellent communicator! Thanks!
Oct 10, 2020 02:58:56 AM
Steven Rodriguez
Thank you President Donald J Trump, you are this Marines president.
Oct 09, 2020 11:19:25 PM
Debbie Burnside
Awesome message!! I have said the same thing more than once just not in one message. God is in control & as long as we do what God has asked of us, which is Pray for our President, then Trump will win in Nov. Watch Sid Roth and see all that God has spoke to people.
Oct 09, 2020 09:52:39 PM
Camilla Hudson
Oct 09, 2020 09:17:02 PM
Janet Fietz
President Trump has done a great job while in office ! He promised the people of the US that he would do many wonderful things for our country — and he did! We need 4 more years of PRESIDENT TRUMP doing wonderful things for our country!
Oct 09, 2020 08:38:59 PM
Terryanne Gremel
You nailed it! Well said, thank you!
Oct 09, 2020 08:33:36 PM
Cathy Weicht
Very well said. Agree 100%. President Trump has done a great job and God willing he will have 4 more years. TRUMP 2020
Oct 09, 2020 07:43:54 PM
Harry MavIver
Beautifully written, will definitely pass this on. The silent majority will defeat our foe.
Oct 09, 2020 02:30:38 PM
Ruby Loera
Great article! Our president has done a great job and I believe God is using him. Let’s continue to pray for him and his family. And may God allow him four more years in the White House.
Oct 09, 2020 01:59:44 PM
Tina Woodle
Amen!!! The media is nothing but lying, whining liberals!!! Thank you sir for sharing
Oct 09, 2020 01:47:10 PM
Paula McEwan
Very well said! God bless you and our President
Oct 09, 2020 12:44:04 PM
Stephanie Hunter
Well said!!!
Oct 09, 2020 12:34:59 PM
Kimberly Miller
Oct 09, 2020 09:29:59 AM
Fredesvinda Lasher
Truth!! Well said!! He may not have a filter but neither do most people. Just because he’s president most people forget grace. Could they do better?
Oct 09, 2020 07:45:39 AM
Chris Harrell
This was a perfect example of the kettle calling the pot black or other way around, the president of the United states of America has had to fight every single day since he became into office every the first president that had to do so in the history of America and he does it without a presidents salary if that dont tell you how much he loves the US then nothing will, congratulations Mr. president we love you we pray for you and we will vote you in for another 4 years GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Oct 09, 2020 06:26:52 AM
Danyel Monroe
Well said. AMEN
Oct 09, 2020 06:11:25 AM
Debra Rosenblum
Well said thank you. He has done more and is doing more than any before him. Do you realize how many times his life has been challenged wake up and pray for him
Oct 09, 2020 05:43:18 AM
Barry W Gangwer Jr
Truth... plain and simple!!
Oct 09, 2020 05:39:54 AM
Kathy Ariaratnam
Well stated! The fight is not fair. We fight not only against a corrupt political system, but a corrupt and complicit media! President Trump has been put through hell and he refuses to quit so NONE OF US SHOULD QUIT EITHER! Thank you for this post!
Oct 09, 2020 03:19:26 AM
Warren T Smith
Well said. Trump 2020
Oct 09, 2020 01:34:58 AM
Renato Costa
Very well said ! Trump-Pence 2020 !
Oct 08, 2020 11:59:47 PM
Lisa Rubino Rubino
Spot on!!!....
Oct 08, 2020 11:42:43 PM
Patricia Dodd
Here! Here! Well said! Trump 2020!
Oct 08, 2020 07:02:43 PM
Joseph Ruffo
Simply said. I will share on my facebook page. My conservative FRIENDS will share as well. How ever my Democrat acquaintances on my FB Page who have so little common sense will probably read it twice to search and find something to moan about. Lol.
Oct 08, 2020 05:45:32 PM
WIlliam Hall
Well said!
Oct 08, 2020 05:29:59 PM
Timothy M Ryan
Thank you for your great uplifting summary. He better win or we are in a world of hurt. He has to take the attention off himself and attack Joe Biden, Kamel Toe Harris, and the demons in the democrat party, because if the focus is on Donald Trump then he will likely lose but if the focus is on the democrats and their radical agenda then he will win.
Oct 08, 2020 01:28:54 PM
Dale Blackwell
I agree with all of the positive President Trump comments. I voted for him in 2016 and I am voting for him again this month because he will continue keep his promises to all Americans and will continue to drain the DC swamp including Pelosi, Schummer, Nadler, Schiff, and others.
Oct 08, 2020 12:37:10 PM
Kathleen mungavin
That was great read. Go Trump 2020
Oct 08, 2020 11:41:15 AM
Patricia Miller
My constant prayer is for a huge win for Trump and our nation....if not I see pain and destruction... and when Harris takes over.... it will be over... remember she couldn’t even get enough support from her own party to stay in the primary !!! She’s also voted most liberal Dem.... Please think before voting.... The devil you know or the one you really don’t !!!
Oct 08, 2020 09:16:16 AM
Brook Freeman
May God bless and protect our dear President Trump. KAG 2020, #backtheblue
Oct 08, 2020 07:17:50 AM
Sandra Dunfield
BAMM!! Well said sir!
Oct 08, 2020 02:53:16 AM
Brenda Ross
Of course I suspect each side can be accused of promoting their agenda. However I’ve checked further, and trump has lied. He whines that he has been so unfairly attacked but he started a blatant lie about our previous President, and kept gas lighting it, long after proof was supplied. An unfaithful man you say. Who can throw the first stone, you ask? Well the Republican Party drug all of us through a ridiculous side show to reveal a president had received a consensual sex act. But who should throw the first stone you say. The president cares only about his wealthy friends and himself. He commits blue collar crimes and yet we look the other way. He cozies up with political enemies. And we look the other way. Let’s get all these issues cleared up. Let another administrator to have a chance. It’s time to see if we can recover from the hatred We’ve been spoon fed for four years.
Oct 08, 2020 01:12:21 AM
Kathleen Coulter-Damico
Well said!! Can you please email me a copy of this?? Thank you Kathleen
Oct 08, 2020 01:00:02 AM
Katherine Hill
Well, President Trump has to stand almost alone to become the Republican candidate for the last term. The party fought against him. Then in his first debate, he ended up debating both Biden and Chris Wallace. He did not HAVE TO run for President and I have heard that he works much of normal sleep time. I am very grateful to our President and proud of him.
Oct 07, 2020 11:44:15 PM
Margaret Pendergrast
Totally agree! Trump 2020!
Oct 07, 2020 11:11:10 PM
Rose Costello
We love you President Trump! No matter what those Democrats says, it is not going to change our mind. We are going to stand behind you all they way. We are going to vote for you in person, that way, it is not going to get lost or toss up in the dumpster. Four more years . Trump/ Pence 2020
Oct 07, 2020 11:07:54 PM
Patt Pierce
Please forget to mention that Joe and Jill Binden had an affair while she was still married. Great catholic values.
Oct 07, 2020 10:59:52 PM
Blaise Novotny
Couldnt agree more with all said. Well said. Thank you for the share.
Oct 07, 2020 09:24:21 PM
Donna Smurawa
I agree wholeheartedly! Trump will drain the swamp of corruption, a bull in a china shop but he is doing what God has hired him to do... Praise God! TRUMP 2020!
Oct 07, 2020 08:30:32 PM
Michael Nicolazzo
Thank you !
Oct 07, 2020 08:26:50 PM
Adele Sugg
Thank you Kevin you nailed it. Your letter moved me. You said it all simply and effectively. Again thank you.
Oct 07, 2020 08:18:40 PM
pam long
God-bless president Trump, maybe when another 4 years!
Oct 07, 2020 06:34:15 PM
Juanita Clark
I support President Donald Trump, the police, the military, firefighters, and ALL WHO SERVE.
Oct 07, 2020 05:34:58 PM
Barbara Burns
God Bless President Trump, his family, his staff and our country. He is the only one strong enough to fight for us and our country. Love President Trump and it or leave it
Oct 07, 2020 04:58:52 PM
Trudy Martin
This letter " speaks to me"! It says all that I would want our citizens to know and believe. We are so fortunate to have Trump...we must keep him!
Oct 07, 2020 04:08:22 PM
Jeanne donaldson
no truer words ever spoken. Most who criticize him for some supposedly bad behavior have done worse. Besides it is none of your business. Most holier than thou have a lot to answer for.
Oct 07, 2020 03:58:49 PM
Teresa Boyd
This is why we voted for you, promises made promises kept. America needs a business man who knows what he is doing and to drain this swamp, not career politicians who have done nothing, but get rich on our tax dollars. You are the man, we love you and may God Bless you and your family. You are doing a job you did not have to do, but you love America so much you do it without pay. Every American should be proud of you and the hard work you do. Four more years, wish it could be 8 more years...Oh, and please put them all in jail for treason against you and this great nation.
Oct 07, 2020 02:41:57 PM
Norma Tucker
Thank you for the message. I feel this way about our President and pray that he wins. We need his strength and enthusiasm.
Oct 07, 2020 02:22:10 PM
Hope Benavides
Thank you! This is how we have always felt about our President . God Bless our President !
Oct 07, 2020 01:36:07 PM
Ruth Holt
Excellent! Well said.
Oct 07, 2020 01:35:21 PM
Douglas Mays
Thank you for posting this. Looking forward to giving President Trump my vote again this election.
Oct 07, 2020 10:46:50 AM
Lydia Pippins
Thank you. I have stated many of these points, but you put them all together. I just hope more haters read them.
Oct 07, 2020 10:29:31 AM
Juanita Lozano
The silent majority will show up for Trump!!!
Oct 07, 2020 10:26:55 AM
Carol Roth-Grimes
Well said!!
Oct 07, 2020 10:06:59 AM
Erin Moran
That made my morning. Brilliantly worded.
Oct 07, 2020 09:40:53 AM
David Graff
Very well written! Thank You!
Oct 07, 2020 09:11:02 AM
Kimberly Hauer
Well said and for once, the truth.
Oct 07, 2020 08:12:32 AM
Linda Locilento
Thank you for all the information. Now let’s hope people can read and understand. I think he’s doing a great job. And, the reason I will vote for him is because he didn’t start out as a politician. Send Mr. President my best wishes.
Oct 07, 2020 07:45:04 AM
JoAnn Terrell
Everything written is so true. I pray that everyone reads this and finally realizes what a great President we have.
Oct 07, 2020 07:29:04 AM
Diane Williams
Amen to every word!
Oct 07, 2020 06:06:31 AM
Candace Hamer
Thank you so much for this article. The comparison was well put.
Oct 07, 2020 05:51:13 AM
Sherrian McAnn
Biden is also an adulterer. He had an affair with a woman and broke up her marriage. They are still together.
Oct 07, 2020 05:12:48 AM
Giovanni Franceschi
Dear Lord, protect President Trump, Vice President Pence, their families and the lives of our fine Police Officers from evil people living in this world.
Oct 07, 2020 04:29:15 AM
Kathryn Williams
So true, well said!!
Oct 07, 2020 04:18:40 AM
Melanie Chittester
Thank you. Well said.
Oct 07, 2020 12:51:22 AM
Blanca jahn
I hope he wins by a landslide, so all the haters finally will stop blaming everything on him. But sad thing is, you can give them thousands of accomplishments and they will still pick an argument. Trump 2020. Joe Biden will never be President.
Oct 07, 2020 12:31:26 AM