Problems we are facing

Aug 13, 2020

I haven’t seen anything that’s actually gotten done that is going to help make the lives of the minorities, such as African Americans, the poor and impoverished have better lives.  And while Black Lives Matter has this platform, why not do something substantial with it?


Charter schools, for example, may provide an opportunity for minorities and people in less of a position to go to a good school and have a chance to get a better education. Why shouldn’t you be able to go to a school of your choice? If the answers aren’t already obvious to you, it’s because the teacher’s union is among the strongest union in the country and I am sure there are a lot of them, which equates to a lot of votes, and most of them are unwilling to give that up. 


So, why not take this front and center platform and use it as an opportunity to fight for a better education for your children, and your children’s children, to help lift them up and out of this grave situation they’ve found themselves in today. 


Another problem I see is credit card debt.  Why should I be able to buy a house and get a 3.5% interest rate, but in order to buy a swing set on my credit card for my 5-year-old twin boys, I must pay 22% interest. Why don’t we demand from the government that credit card debt be no more than 3%, which happens to be the customary interest rate of a residential mortgage, which everyone seems to qualify for. How many members in your family have carried credit card debt for more than 10 years?  How do you pay the credit card debt off when you’re paying loan shark rates?


Why not use the center stage, with the bright light, and form a thinktank to help change credit card interest rates so that those who make less money aren’t stuck paying interest for the rest of their lives?  Another issue facing us as a nation is the mental health crisis not being addressed. But you know what? I actually know why we are not addressing these issues…because that would take thought, energy, and work. Doing this the right way would help lift so many people to another level. It’s so much easier to go have a few drinks, burn down a few buildings, tear down some statues, and remain angry and ignorant – “exactly where the Democrats want you to be”.


I totally agree. With such a bright spotlight, there are so many important issues that are impacting communities of color that should be talked about and addressed.
Aug 14, 2020 09:09:37 PM