If You Dare Have an Opinion You’re A Racist….

Aug 13, 2020

When did we become a nation that allows us to go to a package store and buy liquor, but does not allow us to assemble in a church and pray to the God of our beliefs?


When did we allow immigrants to flow into the country and then demand that we change our ways and learn their religions, their languages, their beliefs, and slowly but surely change everything about ourselves?


When did it become racist to wish someone a Merry Christmas during the Christmas season?


When did it become racist for you to like the Republican running for office?


Why get up and go to work every day if people who are not going to work can have the same benefits and more, with health insurance, free college tuition, free housing, food stamps, free telephone, and all the other creature comforts that typically are rewarded through the labor of a hard day’s work?


It’s time for us to take our country back !!!
Aug 14, 2020 09:01:46 PM