Nov 21, 2020


I’d like to try to tell you how I feel about the present state of our country and the Presidential Election…But to do so, and for you to understand where these feelings come from I feel the need to tell you a little about me, so this may be too long for most to read.  (AND FOR THIS I APOLOGIZE, because quite frankly, until as of late, I never read this type of stuff).  I grew up in Central New England, with a stay-at-home mom and a workaholic, entrepreneurial dad.  I had three siblings, a dog, rabbits and loved fishing.  We all went to public schools because whereas my parents had no formal education, it wasn’t high on the list of priorities in our lives.  We were brought up to work, and work hard and long, and give it all we had, and to respect our elders and those in authority.  We were never spared the belt, but learned early on how to avoid it to the best of our ability.  I just assumed that all those around me were brought up the same.  I hated school for as far back as I can recall. I couldn’t wait to get out and get a job and make some real money. 


I grew up in a multi-family home in what would be considered to be of moderate means.  I quit school my senior year and moved out of my parents’ home.  I just wanted to work and make my own way. I’d already worked since grammar school, I sold greeting cards door to door, had numerous paper routes including morning, evening and Sundays.  I shoveled snow, raked lawns, cleaned yards, retrieved shopping carriages from a local lake for a small local grocer. I was a bag boy at a local grocery store and later worked in dairy and frozen foods.  In high school I did odd jobs and worked as a carpenter maintenance person and worked for my dad on weekends cleaning cars, until I started my own business selling cut flowers at the side of the road.  I could go on and on, but the bottom line is I’ve worked my whole life starting at age 7 or 8…


I’ve never been politically active, and I think it’s important to note I have no formal education.  I always assumed that there was nothing I could do to change what was going to happen with things I couldn’t control. Along the roadway of life, I’d meet different politicians, (mostly at fundraisers, which I’d go to, looking for help for some project I had going on). The thing is, it was only business, whereas now I take everything political as extremely personal.  I get most of my National News the old fashion way.  (I get it from the News Media on Television) and I just assumed if it were on the news, well, it was, true…Right? No, wrong…


All of a sudden there was this billionaire, a New Yorker, running for President, and he called the media “Fake News,” (what the heck is that?) and I thought boy, how could this loud, arrogant, flamboyant, good ol’ boy, even be running for the office of the Presidency? But the more he said, the more intrigued I became, and the more he talked, the more I knew he’d never be our president. I mean he couldn’t possibly win, could he? At first, I thought he couldn’t win, then I lost track of the race, as I became enamored with the thought of the news stations lying to me year after year to get me to fit into the narrative that filled their agenda.  And then and only then, when I started doing my own research, did I become angry with the lying, cheating, deceiving “Fake News.”  How dare they? I mean, what gave them the idea, that we would allow this (the lies) to either go mainstream or to be deemed acceptable. How long had it been going on? Who else, besides Donald Trump knew? Well, I have to say, talk about feeling stupid, were they always just “fake media” or was anything they ever said for real? So, I started asking others their thoughts and guess what? Those that watched Fox News, as compared to those who watched any other national news stations, were seeing a totally different version of what’s going on in our America. So, I would turn on CNN and they’d be talking about peaceful protests, while buildings were burning behind them, and people were being viscously beaten. And the same was true with every other news outlet I could find on television. Then I would see Democratic Party officials saying that everybody had the right to peacefully protest, while Fox News showed police officers being assaulted, shot, or having bricks, or frozen bottles of water thrown at them.


They’ll tell us it’s ok to shop at Walmart where the average employee makes minimum wage, and that was a safe environment, but it’s not ok to go to church. They’ll tell us that we can’t open the schools and the restaurants have to remain closed, or cut their occupancy way back, so as to the point they couldn’t make money, and that it’s not ok to workout at the gym. They didn’t allow the barbershops and hairdressers to cut your hair, but they say nothing about the censorship going on, on the internet. They demand the police force be defunded and cut in size, while they hide behind their citizen paid for government protection that they receive, to be out moving around during COVID.  And then of course, it’s ok for them to collect their full paycheck each and every week even though nothing is getting done in the government, because everything is closed down, but they tell us we can’t work and to stay home. Do they think we are clowns here for their amusement? Do they think we are not intelligent enough to think for ourselves?  Here’s a fact for you: Over 95% of COVID related deaths have been with those over 70 years old, or those that had serious pre-existing condition. If they are going to mandate something, which they shouldn’t, it should be with those in a high-risk category, and if some teachers don’t want to go to school and teach because they are scared or too old, then they should move aside and allow someone who would like to work fill that job.


We’ve known from the beginning almost from day one, that this affected the elderly with a weaker immune system more than anyone else. Yet, that pompous ass Governor Cuomo decreed that nursing homes had to allow sickly COVID patients placed in their facilities.  When he did this, he is knowingly or unknowingly, certainly responsible for the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers. And if he feels that this is not true, then sue me for defamation and I will gladly defend myself.


There is more at stake, due to the outcome of this election than anything I have ever seen in my life.  Twitter, Google, Facebook, and other social media sites are censoring and injecting their opinion as fact and as if they are a private domain “with none of the legal liability.”


I keep hearing that there is no proof of election fraud on television, and then when we were shown proof that dead people voted, they say, well, that was only 5, or that there was only 500, or that there was only 5,000.  I say, 1 is too many. I say, to have one dead person vote is fraud. I say, to bear false witness (such as those who did so during the impeachment hearing of President Trump) is treasonous. I say, to have Hunter Biden, the son of the former Vice President, being investigated for influence pedaling with China and others, not to be covered, by all the media sources, in the country, is a national disgrace. I say, to find 10,000 ballots in Georgia that were never counted is voter fraud. 


Our forefathers had foresight enough to foresee and set up a system, in case anything like this, ever happened, it could be righted. But to do so, it has to be brought before the United States Supreme Court and there has to be proof of voter fraud.  How many dead people voting do we need as proof? And if 1 isn’t enough, could someone please introduce me to any one of them. (My friend is getting married and I’d love to bring back Frank Sinatra), which Democratic candidate do I make the check out to?


Why all of sudden, in all the swing states did they stop counting votes in the middle of the night? Why did Fox News call the state of Arizona with only 2% of the votes in? What did they know that I didn’t know?


To go back to me personally, and to talk about my lack of formal education, you may think of me as ignorant or not up to speed, but in actuality I have made hundreds of millions of dollars. I employ just shy of 1,000 people in MA. I gave to one local nonprofit $5 million dollars to start off a very successful campaign. I give away, on a yearly basis, more than one would make in an entire lifetime. I share this with you to help you understand that I have a good pulse on what is going on in our nation.  Like Donald Trump, I’ve always bucked the system. I never accept the word “no”, and I’ve yet to meet one to outwork me. I’ve sponsored numerous immigrants to become American citizens. I’ve given away hundreds of new cars and helped hundreds more buy homes and start businesses.


My wife and I maxed out what a couple could give for the Presidential Election for the first time with the Trump campaign. And when he fell short in the swing states, and the next day still brought no answers, we realized that something devious was going on and we immediately donated $100,000 to help with the legal fees.

I believe they manipulated the software. When I say “they”, I don’t know who “they” are, not directly anyway. What I know is they are a sinister force and that they are on the dark side.  They are everything wrong in America. They are the ones that set up the rules, with the sole intention and purpose that they are good for thee, but not for me. There has never been more of a sense of urgency for true Patriots to help their country then right now.


I don’t believe that Joe Biden received more real votes from living breathing human beings than President Donald Trump. I believe that with a tweak of a computer here, a little ballot harvesting over there, some ballots that never made it to their intended source somewhere else, and then numerous Trump ballots disappearing and not being counted, allowed for the perception of the Biden campaign to have received more votes.  But here is the bottom line…to prove fraud takes money…to go to court and win, takes money…to keep our freedom of speech, at this juncture, in our country, takes money.  To keep your guns and the right to bear them, takes money. If just the 70+ million people that we know voted for President Trump sent in $1 to his campaign, he can beat them at their own dirty game.


If you can afford $10, or $25, or $100, or $1,000 without hurting your family, I ask you with all due respect for yourself, your country, and your loved ones, to make a donation right now, this minute, today.  Log on by clicking here and do it right now. And then, so we can have an idea how this is going, please leave a comment in our blog if you would at the end, and throw a number like “25”, so we can assume you donated $25 dollars, and we can see if we can make a difference, and then share this article and let’s make it go viral, because if they don’t have the money to fight this out in the courts with the best lawyers, we will lose everything all our brave military men have died for, for the past 200 years. Log on now to this site and donate.


You may not miss his orange glow on your television, you may not miss his wild hairdo, you may not miss his midnight rants on Twitter, you may not miss his smug smile, or the overconfident attitude, but believe me, this, you will miss the first President of our lifetime that truly, truly loved this country and put you and your family first. You will miss the liberty allowed to you by living here.  You’ll miss the freedoms including the right to bear arms, the freedom of speech, the freedom of censorship, and worship, and if our Lord allows you to live long enough, you’ll miss this President, because he’s the only thing standing between you and a fascist, socialized society.


 Please share this article. 


Love to hear your feedback.


As always,

I remain,

Respectfully yours,

Kevin P. Meehan


Eve Viens
You are so dead on Sir, it is despicable what is happening and we all pray for the truths to come out in the Supreme Court for their verdict ...
Nov 22, 2020 07:11:07 AM
Douglas Jones
Kevin, that was a great informative read. I agree with everything you say. Keep up the fight and God bless America. 50
Nov 22, 2020 12:26:23 AM
Michael Fabiano
Kevin I only know of you because you were neighbors with one of my close friends in Millis and a poor experience at one of your dealerships... this is he unbelievably well written article andI have the upmost respect for you now because I actually know who you really are I hope everybody that reads this article donates money like I’m going to do and shares it so that we can have the lives that we currently have for future generations thank you for writing and posting this ...Respectfully Michael P Fabiano President / Owner of Rosewood restaurant
Nov 21, 2020 11:09:21 AM
Kevin halfway through I knew it was you, I commend you for your success & values you are absolutely right! I am honored to live in the little town of Mendon & feel just the same way you & millions of Americans feel right now! I will donate & share & together we will win this & expose the cheaters that they are! Stay strong Patriots we got this!!!!
Nov 21, 2020 07:54:28 AM